Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: Boho Summer Evening (ft. Gudrun Bauer)


Personal Style: Boho Summer Evening (ft. Gudrun Bauer)

Romantic-bohemian, in a comfy-chic way.

Hi everybody! Happy summer – the best time of the year; I'm thinking beach evenings, loose curls, bare legs, freckles, ice cream...

Photography by DJ Cleland-Hura Top: Le Château (Thrifted) | Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters (Thrifted) | Shoes: Aldo (Thrifted) | Scarf: Gudrun Bauer | Necklace: Gudrun Bauer

Anyway, today being a bright summery day, I wore shorts and a tank--my go-to summer outfit. I wore military-green shorts (they are so comfortable and ADORABLE!), a black tank top, black flats, and a couple of bracelets along with a statement necklace and a headscarf. My low-riser shorts are awesome because they have an embroidered panel along the waistline that looks like a woven belt. For such small shorts, they also have pretty big pockets. The tank top is form-fitting and has lace and needle-sculpted detailing on it. The spaghetti straps weren't cutting it for me, so I wore a black sports bra underneath to give off the illusion of thicker straps and a less revealing neckline. My leather flats are both cute and comfortable and add to the girly look of this outfit. I adore the brass buckle detail on the toes! I think flats are a summer essential, and I'm in love with the round-toe style.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be really fun... Also, let me know in the comments what your favorite shoe for summer is!


  1. is this gonna be a daily thing? cause I'd be so much fun to read!!!!!!

    1. whenever I have time and can get my act together, I'll post. I'll probably post a lot come July! I'm really glad you like this :)

    2. I look forward to more posts :)

  2. i meant It would be so much fun to read, not I'd