Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: Pattern Play


Personal Style: Pattern Play

Mix and match without the clash.

Hello people! To conclude Week of Stripes (which I've had a ton of fun with, I hope you have too!) I've thought a little out of the box and paired stripes with another pattern (two ways) for today. Have fun!

Don't be afraid to mix and match, but just like in yesterday's post, when mixing prints, you should stick with this general rule: keep the patterns in the same color family or keep one of the prints in a neutral color (white/brown/tan/etc.) It kind of gives the eye a break.

Here I layered a brown-and-tan cropped tee with zebra stripes over the same diamond-printed blue dress that I featured in this lookbook last May, along with brown leather --Madden Girl gladiators, a floral brown belt, and cross-body bag--and gold accessories--sandal, bag and belt hardware and bangles. The boxy tee over the ruffled dress needed shape, so I belted it and matched my other accessories to it. What makes this look work is that the accessories match the stripes, making the pattern stand out less, and the pattern on the dress isn't too bold either. All in all, this look is pretty laid-back and comfy, which allows for a bit of leg room in terms of clashing. NUMBER ONE RULE FOR LOOKING GOOD: always, always, feel confident in what you're wearing. That way, no matter what you're wearing, people will see confidence. It's the one thing that suits all body types. Second most important rule is have fun.

Photography by Jericca Cleland

This cute, fun outfit is comprised of a short-sleeved, checked, turquoise button down (knotted at the waist), a black-and-blue striped dress, an oversized leather bag, assorted jewelry, and my perfect-with-everything buckled heavy boots. Like in the first outfit, another secret to mixing prints is to match the accessories and make the prints less bold by matching one of them to the accessories or to match them to each other. You always want to define your waist when you're layering, as it makes you look slimmer, so tying the last two buttons of the shirt draws attention to it. I decided to have fun with my jewelry, so jingly bangles, a beaded wrap bracelet, and silver rings complete my look.

I hope this week of themed OOTDs was as fun for my (very limited) readers – as in, YOU – as it was for me... in fact, I had so much fun that I decided to continue with a Week of Denim starting tomorrow so I hope you enjoy that too.

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