Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: Stripes-On-Stripes


Personal Style: Stripes-On-Stripes

Stripes as far as the eye can see.

Hey everybody! Yes, you can pair stripes with more stripes--and it looks pretty awesome too! Here I'll show you two casual and cute ways to do matchy-matchy.

Stick with the same color scheme--it will give the viewer's eyes a break from what could potentially be awesomeness overload. Sorry to say it, but you should probably keep your neon-green-and-hot-pink striped skirt alone in its printiness and pair it with a solid, neutral top and accessories. But my black-and-white circle skirt and chevron batwing tee in the same colors work great together, because the stripes are different widths and the stripes don't go the same way. I also added a solid elastic belt to help break up the skirt and tee. Since you can't go wrong with heavy ankle boots (plus, their huge size makes your legs seem super slender and long in comparison), I wore those along with the surprise pop of color, just for fun.

Photography by Jericca Cleland

For a more polished look, try tucking a pinstriped button-down into a classic blue-and-white striped skirt. Although many styles can be achieved with a skirt like this (think: nautical, preppy), this combination creates an outfit that works well for the office or for important meetings. No belt is necessary when the superfine vertical stripes meet the evenly spaced horizontal ones of the skirt. However, I wanted to dress this combo down just a bit to make it school-ready, so instead of polished shoes and a satchel, I opted for roughed-up Nikes and a backpack that matches the blue of the skirt. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, reflecting the casual-meets-classy vibe.

I hope you enjoyed these outfits and found some inspiration in them! Follow me on Twitter (@nikiclelandhura) to keep up with all my little things :)

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