Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: Not Scared


Personal Style: Not Scared

Sporty-chic, featuring the beautiful Jasmin.

A warm round of applause for my gorgeous cousin Jasmin, who let me doll her up and photograph her in awkward poses! Here's one of my fave outfits from the casual/sporty shoot we did yesterday. (Jasmin looks like me, only shorter and prettier!). Today's events will consist of walking, talking, and (hopefully) some ice-cream! OOTD and selfies to follow :)

Let me know what you think of my cousin's awesome poses (and of the outfit I styled!) by tweeting @NikiCleland or posting something on Nothing Short Of Chic's Facebook page.

Photography by Annika Cleland-Hura Blouse: Thrifted | Shirt: ThriftedPants: Thrifted | Shoes: Thrifted | Bracelets: Thrifted/Upcycled

On our way home from the park where we were photographing, we met a really sweet dog... Jasmin, being the animal lover she is, had a blast!

PS-- Jasmin (pronounced YAZ-meen) isn't my cousin's real name, it's her model name. Exotic, German, and gorgeous, it's the perfect persona for her to adopt once in a while!

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