Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: Navy And Silk ft


Personal Style: Navy And Silk ft

A military-style cardigan is the perfect topper for a monochromatic fall outfit.

Hello readers!! I've been in travel mode this past little while, between a few days in Campbell River (Northern Vancouver Island), a few more in Middle Point (Sunshine Coast), and now the start of a month-long stay in OK Falls (Okanagan). However, I've got a super cool outfit to share today -- the fall-fabulous navy blue color and a handpainted silk scarf  lend a casual-chic touch to the military-esque feel of the cotton blazer-cut cardigan from

Photography by DJ Cleland-Hura Blazer: eShakti | Cami: Thrifted | Jeans: Thrifted | Shoes: Thrifted | Scarf: Gudrun BauerBracelets: Thrifted/Upcycled

This cardigan is from It's super comfy and is a great fit, made of cotton. The great thing about this website is that it's custom-size site with sizes 0-36. You can put in your measurements and customize sleeve length, skirt length, etc. Also, all the products come with pockets unless otherwise stated. I really like the custom-size thing for two reasons: a) it takes the stress out of shopping online and not being able to try the item on physically and b) my measurements aren't one specific size (I generally range from 0-2, depending on the item in question -- a pair of pants might be 0 but a dress might be 2, etc.). They delivered my item within the advertised delivery time (18 calendar days) all the way from India, and from what I can see it's a well-made, durable item. I hope it's looking forward to lots of use! asked me to do a review on this blog in exchange for a free sample from their website. All opinions and statements are my own, and I do not earn any money from this review or from sales of this item on the site.

You can find on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Speaking of social media, you may notice that I've updated my sidebar a bit and I know it looks horribly awful but guys I am working on it. I actually am working on one of those neat little rows of buttons that just goes straight to my social media. So please bear with me until I can get rid of those horrible little Google Image icons with the white all around them out. I know they are uneven and stuff but IT GETS BETTER I SWEAR :)

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