Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: Crop Tops For Fall


Personal Style: Crop Tops For Fall

A black denim skirt is classy, versatile, and a great addition to any wardrobe.

Hey everybody! Happy October! I hope you haven't given up on me quite yet, cause I'm back and better than, it's been three weeks. But guess what, I've had a life experience!! I've been off working with Team Generous Canada 2014 to put together a short film for Habitat for Humanity Canada (I was the social media handler, blogger, and photographer, and later on was part of the creative pipeline). For two solid weeks we worked to do this! So, naturally, after lots of work, I had to come home and design some clothing. I designed and made this denim midi skirt to wear to the film's premiere, which was last Saturday and I wanted to show it off!!

This isn't the outfit I wore to the premiere though. Scroll to see all the pictures -- who says you can't wear a crop top for fall?

Photography: Annika Cleland-Hura Sweater: Secondhand | Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Annika Cleland-Hura | Boots: Thrifted 

For a less conventional take on your typical topknot, try off-setting your ponytail and then twisting it into a messy bun. I really like taking a couple loose curls and pulling them down to frame my face. If you wear a bright shirt like mine, you can have lots of fun with matching your nails, lipstick, and cheeks to the colors in the pattern, or try choosing one of them (like orange or magenta) and incorporate different shades of it into your makeup. I love to experiment! What about you guys?

Anybody know what they're going as for Hallowe'en? Let me know!!

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