Nothing Short of Chic: Reinventing Summer Staples: The $14 Challenge


Reinventing Summer Staples: The $14 Challenge

I challenge you all.

Hello guys! Today I'm sharing something really cool: a challenge. I was subjected to this challenge, and since it's brand new, we tweaked the rules a bit until we had a perfect project.

Here are the rules:
  • The total cost of the outfit must be $14 or less
  • You can shop anywhere: a thrift store, a vintage shop, a big retailer, a small boutique, or online (Etsy, Ebay, or any online store)
  • You can buy an item in bulk as long as its individual value fits into the budget (for example, if you have $3 left, a 2-pack of tights is ok as long as its cost is $6 or less)
  • You can borrow accessories like jewelry, scarves and socks (but not shoes/bags or clothing items) from friends and family members
  • Makeup and hair costs don't need to be within the budget
  • You can make your own items
  • You can repurpose clothing items you already own (changing them up with a DIY or wearing something from another season are examples of this)
  • You can wear jewelry that you already own
I bought my sweater ($6) and shoes ($6) from a secondhand store; I borrowed the knee socks and tucked in the lace at the top; I chose minimal accessories that I owned already; and I wore a pair of shorts that generally wouldn't be ideal for November (yes, it's November already -- can you believe it?!). Keep scrolling to see all the angles of my $14 outfit!

Photography: DJ Cleland-Hura 

 I love the way the chunky texture of the cable turtleneck with the tall socks balances out the shorts and makes them fit in better with the cold temperatures and muted color palette. I also really love the various greys and navy with desaturated green -- the color combination isn't dreary because of the green but feels more natural for this time of year. I chose these necklaces because I love the way they peek out of my sweater's folded turtleneck. I also love these shoes -- they are very sleek and refined due to their lace-up detail, pointed toe, slight shine, and elegant navy color, but are on par with the menswear-inspired trend seen everywhere. And when I put on the sweater/shorts combo, there was an unquenchable need to at least attempt a half-tuck (it sort of worked...I've tried and failed countless times, but it seems to look alright here); this was quite a challenge as the shorts have an embroidered waistband that is quite cute in the summer, but somehow the bright pinks and greens didn't fit in so well with this outfit. Luckily, the oversize sweater saved the day and draped nicely over it, hiding the out-of-season colors quite well.

What do you guys think? Is this a good way to wear shorts in the fall/winter season? Let me know in the comments!!


  1. Hey Nik, LOVE this outfit. Possibly my favorite that you've done - because it's totally my style. My go to fall outfit always includes the tucked sweater, shorts, knee socks and boots, normally with a beanie and my hair down, flowing naturally - for me that's long waves. Another favorite fall outfit for me is leggings, a sweatshirt or cable knit sweater, combat boots and a bun. So perfect. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Nadia, it certainly is a good fall uniform! xx