Nothing Short of Chic: Reinventing Summer Staples: Here Comes The Rain Again


Reinventing Summer Staples: Here Comes The Rain Again

Falling on my head like a memory...

I feel sorry for people who have to drive on rainy days. They don't get to splash their boots in puddles or hear the rain dripping on their umbrellas. They don't get to smell wet wood, or smile at fellow raingear-wearing pedestrians. They don't get to have their hair pouf up into a great cloud because of the humidity (okay, kidding about that one). Also, they don't get to see the rain as something beautiful and special -- it's just another obstacle instead of something to enjoy (and if we lived in California, they might; a perk of living in the rainforest is that there are no droughts). Although the rain can be miserable, there is something so comfortable about it. It makes me feel cozy and sleepy and appreciative of the world.

Photograph:y DJ Cleland-Hura Jacket: Thrifted | Blouse: Secondhand | Skirt: Thrifted | Boots: Thrifted 

My little folding umbrella was doing a lousy job of being an umbrella today – the large gusts of wind kept turning it inside out. So I had to turn to a more hardy option. This umbrella has been "my dad's umbrella" for as long as I can remember. It's always been there, and it's always been his, and it's always been big and strong like him. But now that I'm old enough to see it for what it's worth (a big umbrella), it's totally a fashion accessory and totally useful! I love this umbrella. It protects me just like my dad does.

If you're wondering why some of these photos look a bit blurry or shiny, that's because I decided to try something new for today – I didn't want to get the camera wet, so I took the pictures through the windows! I think it's a really neat effect. The rain-spattered glass adds a cool look to my "rain shoot".

In case you didn't pick up on it already, the summer staple here is a breezy maxi skirt. It's already quite a wintery color, but the fabric and shape of it are really summery. But adding black lace-up boots, a button-down, and a neutral jacket plus a plaid umbrella really make it more of a London-in-autumn look. I also really like wearing maxis with long coats and earmuffs, or with cropped sweaters if it isn't too cold. How do you wear yours in the dark half of the year? If you haven't yet, will you try reinventing your maxi skirt for the winter? Let me know! Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram for tons of awesome photos @nothingshortofchic!

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