Nothing Short of Chic: My NYE: No Dress? No Heels?? No Problem...


My NYE: No Dress? No Heels?? No Problem...

Minimal is the new bold.

As much as I love a good sparkly dress, I don't particularly like a sparkly dress on me. Maybe you're the same way: a bit of shimmer is fine, but a "look at me" dress and killer (as in, feet-killer) heels is a little too overdone. So for my NYE look, I paired a wintery white-on-white outfit with a tiny amount of sparkle, pretty and sleek silver jewelry, an elegant half-up 'do, and my trusty neutral cheetah-print shoes. I'm also wearing a clear (but shiny) lipgloss and the sparkliest minimal nail polish you ever did see (fittingly named "Disco Ball"). The end result makes a statement by not making a statement, if you get my drift: essentially, by being the only person in the room not looking like the House of Mirrors, you'll stand out.

Photography by DJ Cleland-Hura Top: Thrifted | Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: Thrifted | Earrings: Claire's

Pretty festive, right? All that accomplished with FLATS and JEANS and a T-SHIRT. All of the NYE fashion no-no's combined into one spectacularly New Year's Eve-ready outfit. As I said earlier, I'm totally in favor of sparkly dresses and mega-high heels on NYE, but let this be a reminder to you all that sometimes, understated is better (or at least equally as good). You don't need to conform to standards to shine bright. And who knows, maybe next year I'll find something so sparkly, so sequin-y, and so perfect that I'll wear it on Old Year's Day. You never know.

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