Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: Backless With Backbone


Personal Style: Backless With Backbone

Home sweet home, for a little while longer.

This past week has been a busy one. I came back from a two-week trip to Italy, moved, and am in the process of packing for another trip to Europe, this one for three months (get ready for the Instagram jealousy). And with the pack, unpack, repack cycle in full force, I'm pulling out a bunch of clothing I'd set aside for winter and not thought about since, oh, five months ago (or more).

So although I kept the capris on rotation because I like to wear them with combat boots in the colder months, this adorable, sparkly, backless festival-season top had been more or less out of sight, out of mind. However, it's still not incredibly warm (it doesn't usually get consistently warm enough here to wear clothing like this by itself until about May) so I obviously had to layer a bit. However, I think the cool salt air and lack of bothersome people for a pretty good distance around me affected my brain a bit and I felt an insurmountable urge to remove both jacket and shoes and embrace my surroundings and my inner naiad...

Photography: Jericca Cleland-Hura Jacket: Thrifted | Top: Thrifted | Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: Aldo (Thrifted) 

Also, desaturated purple + army green is a great springtime color combination. If you want to skip black in favor of a lighter palette now that spring's here, an outfit like this one paired with nude flats and a blush or nude jacket would work just as well. In the comments, let me know what color combinations and garments you're looking forward to wearing after a long (and depending on where you live, monstrous) winter!

This phenomenal backdrop is my now permanent home of the Sunshine Coast, BC. The gorgeous sky is never the same twice, but it seems that it gets more incredible every day. These pictures were shot around 5 pm, but the sunsets are incredible too. The photos in this post were taken by the incredibly talented Jericca Cleland, who's just launched Be Your Own Muse ("...explore taking the reins of your creativity and developing your own process to connect and channel your imagination") on top of her writing/directing work in animation.

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