Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: A Pep Of Prep


Personal Style: A Pep Of Prep

Sweet and flirty, with a little pipkin of preppy style.

Hey guys! As before mentioned, I've been traveling for close to a month and I'm getting pretty tired of the limited clothing options I was able to bring with me. Turning to layering and accessories is pretty much the only way to stave off extreme fashion boredom, so I have yet another layered look today (why have I never thought of layering a button-down under a fit-and-flare before??). To give the outfit more interest, I rolled the sleeves of the button-down and unbuttoned an extra button under the bodice.

Photography: KQ Cleland-Hura | Blouse: Thrifted | Dress: Secondhand | Shoes: Gap (Thrifted)

I haven't delved that much into prep territory before, but I've noticed myself adding in little dashes of it here and there lately and I really like this look. I've achieved a similar style by layering a sleeveless top over a t-shirt dress (I wore it while in Italy) and found it cute but pretty chic as well. This dress is one of my favorites but because I got pretty tired of tights during February and March (and it was too cold before that), I haven't worn it in a while. As you've probably noticed, I also love these shoes.

While layering, say, a t-shirt over a long-sleeve tee or a vest over a button-down shirt is common knowledge, and throwing an open button-down over a sundress when the sun dips down, this idea of putting the dress over the shirt is new to me. I was originally going to wear a long-sleeve tee instead of the blouse, but I felt too much like a fourth-grader, so that is how this look came about.

Do you guys wear preppy styles much? Have you ever tried slightly more out-of-the-box layering ideas like this? Let me know in the comments!

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