Nothing Short of Chic: Personal Style: All Black Everything - But A Bit Of Blue


Personal Style: All Black Everything - But A Bit Of Blue

A beautiful evening in a beautiful city.

As much as I love Viborg, it is pretty simple when it comes to scenery and places to visit (although it certainly makes up for it with its lovely populace). Copenhagen, however, despite being only an hour away by train, is very different - many more people, lots more history to see, and the most incredible sunsets when you're by the water. Here, I'm visiting the old fort of København (now used by the military), which is essentially a town within the city. It has dorms, walls, and even a mill! It was used in times of siege. It's now open for the public to walk through, however, and it's a beautiful area to walk through. Come see!

Photography by DJ Cleland-Hura Blouse: Secondhand | Jacket: SecondhandSkirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Gap (Thrifted) | Belt: Thrifted

As my style develops, I'm turning towards black less than I used to, unconventionally enough. I don't like wearing black; it's too boring and too predictable. I'd rather wear it as an accent than as a major player. But sometimes, an all-black (or mostly-black, in this case) outfit is called for, so instead of resisting black-on-black, I spiced it up by adding a brown belt and some blue, gold, and burgundy for diversity.

Isn't the sunset beautiful? These photos were all taken on the same day; it's all the same sunset, the same sky. It's magnificent and breathtaking. Copenhagen is lovely!

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