Nothing Short of Chic: Big Tips For Small Space Organization


Big Tips For Small Space Organization

Learn to love your space, no matter the size.

Hey everyone! As you probably know from my Instagram and from NSOCEnRoute, as well as from the various posts explaining my current situation, I've been en route for over two months. Before that, I lived in a small apartment with a miniature closet. In the past two months, I've kept my clothes in a single drawer, in hotel closets, in tiny wardrobes (one was the size of a nightstand), or simply in my suitcase. 

Right now, I have two shelves and a hanging bar, which is actually a lot considering the tiny amount of clothing I have with me (literally, I have less than two week's worth of clothing that I've been wearing for the past nine weeks. It is so hard, but it's possible - next time you tell yourself "I have nothing to wear," just remember that I manage to get dressed every morning with a super limited selection!). Anyway, my point in all of this is that over this time of travel, I've discovered just how unbelievably essential being organized in a small space is (it's also helpful when you have to pack everything up again in a week's time). It's really not as hard or as daunting as it may seem! Just follow my lead...

Tip #1: Display Accessories, Makeup, And Jewelry

You probably don't have tons of space for these extras, and you may find them flooding your desk or window sills, or hibernating in your bag. But it's super simple to turn little things like makeup and jewelry into pretty displays while effectively storing them. I find myself using cups and glasses a lot - they are great for storage. Here, I used glasses because they're transparent, so I can see what's inside, and I can also hook my earrings over the rim. On my desk I have a coffee mug holding all my pens, pencils, etc. I can easily stash these glasses on my window sill, on my desk, or in my closet, but it doesn't feel like clutter because it's neatly organized while maintaining a lovely aesthetic. Depending on what you have lying around, you can also use Mason jars, plates, tea cups, saucers, bowls, candle holders, and much more (check Pinterest if you need more inspiration).

Tip #2: Use Your Space

This may seem obvious, but you probably have more space than you realize. For example, if you have a lot to hang, don't put in bulky items like coats - instead, put hooks on your closet or bedroom door (you can find many great affordable screw-in and over-door hooks, which are great if you don't want to leave holes). Same with shoes, and bags - if you have many, save the space in your closet and instead display them proudly on your floor, on a chair, on a shelf, on a table, on a sill... Whatever strikes your fancy. Also, definitely switch out your closet for seasons, especially if you have more clothes than space - get some under-bed storage boxes and put boots, coats, hats, and sweaters away for summer and vice versa. Who knows, clearing out some unseasonal clothes may lead you to rediscovering some old, lost favorite of yours! (That happened to me during the move.) Be sure to use the appropriate hangers, as it will keep your closet way more organized and its inhabitants will be way happier!

Tip #3: Experiment!

Be sure to experiment with different ways of organizing your things! There isn't really a one-size-fits-all, because everyone has a different aesthetic and their own pet peeves and particularities (for example, my sweaters must be folded - it really bothers me if they're not). I've experimented a lot with different ways of organizing my belts, and here is my favorite way to keep them in my current situation - they stay out of the way while maintaining that simplistic, clean, minimalist look that I love. I've also tried hanging them on hangers and on hooks (which I found complicated and clumsy, but I've seen people make it work) and rolling them and putting them in a drawer (I liked this way much better, because I could see them all but they didn't take up much space). Try new things until you find what you like - organizing your closet will change your look, I guarantee it, because you will find things you'd forgotten about, you'll be able to see all your options so you don't have such a hard time deciding what to wear, your clothes will be less wrinkled, you'll be more inclined to elevate your look with jewelry if it's right there, and you'll just feel more put-together if your outfit is coming from a nice-looking closet instead of a dark drawer or *gasp* a jumbled heap (bonus – your clothes/shoes/accessories will last longer if you treat them well!).

I really hope this post helped you to look at your space in a new light – you don't actually need that much space, if you use it cleverly! If you live/have lived in a small space and/or have other tips that you want to share, leave a comment!!

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