Nothing Short of Chic: Sparkly Shoes & Style Advice: The Seven-Year-Old Edition


Sparkly Shoes & Style Advice: The Seven-Year-Old Edition

Style Advice From A 7-Year-Old Fashionista on #NothingShortOfChic
A fresh voice.

Meet KQ. She's seven. And, very stylish. She's got layering down cold; she even has a go-to formula (though I doubt that "formula" is a word in her vocabulary quite yet), and she knows the importance of taking care of your clothing. She even has a uniform - several, really - that all suit her very well, and are true to her personal style. Lucky for you all, she agreed to an interview (her very first, but far from her last!) so her style advice is quoted below each picture. I've also included a more grown-up rewording as well as my own opinion on each matter discussed below her quotes. I hope you enjoy this fun, sweet, and adorable editorial starring today's special guest, KQ!!

Model: KQ
Styling: KQ
Hair: Annika Cleland-Hura
Photography: Annika Cleland-Hura

Style Advice From A 7-Year-Old Fashionista on #NothingShortOfChic

On Presentation:

"Your clothing should always be clean and not wrinkly. Don't play outside in them or make them ripped! You should always take care of your clothing!"

She knows the importance of presentation! I have to say I agree with her on this one – you could be wearing the most put-together, stylish, or fashion-forward look, but if the clothing is dirty or wrinkled (unless you're making a statement with it, as seen on several of the menswear runways this season) it tends to look sloppy, like you either don't care or can't manage your time enough to pull yourself together before leaving the house. Like I said, if you're making a statement with it, go all out. But it's probably not the best impression to make on someone – might want to save that look for street-style and the catwalk pros!

Style Advice From A 7-Year-Old Fashionista on #NothingShortOfChic

On Trends:

"Matching clothing looks really good! I like wearing blue pants with a blue shirt or an orange t-shirt with an orange skirt. But a whole pink outfit kind of clashes!"

Another score, K! I love matching sets as well (though I find highly printed/mega colorful ones tend to feel tacky rather than stylish). A matching set is so great because you don't have to worry about whether your clothes go together, and it makes dressing so easy – much in the same way that jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses do. As she (perhaps unintentionally) alluded to in her last statement, I also find that very bright colors all over are a bit overkill; too much of a good thing is still, well, too much – but I don't think that this is limited to the color pink, nor do I think that all-over pink can't be done. In fact, to back this up, check out Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor's super-stylish pink-on-pink outfit here – she really makes it work.

Style Advice From A 7-Year-Old Fashionista on #NothingShortOfChic

On Mixing Prints:

"You shouldn't mix patterns like stripes and polka dots. I normally wear a pattern with a solid color so my outfit doesn't clash!"

Yes, you should be careful when mixing prints. It's very easy to go from tastefully fashion-forward to a look that screams clown. But, that being said, it can be done, and it's not too difficult. In fact, I wore spots with stripes myself while in Venice in March! Of course, fashion really has no rules – you do you! – but I usually stick to a few general guidelines: mix with prints within the same color family to create a through line in the outfit; choose simple silhouettes to soften the double- (or triple-) whammy of patterns; and choose one large print and one smaller one (a large- and small-scale version of the same print mixed together is especially chic). But, KQ, that is definitely a good tip – and your spots-and-solid outfit is too cute!

Style Advice From A 7-Year-Old Fashionista on #NothingShortOfChic

On Layering:

"It always looks good if you layer three things: a tank top on the bottom, with a shirt or a dress on top, and then a sweater or a jacket. But you shouldn't wear a sweater and a coat unless it's cold because then you'll look fat!"

Layering formulas are great to have on hand, and any truly stylish person has an eye for layering – it looks like young KQ is well on her way. I actually really like this formula, though it's not my personal style. And as for her last sentence there, while it's not quite in the words I'd use, it's true that you should not add unnecessary bulk. Belting your layers and wearing long outerwear are two good ways to reduce the appearance of bulk, but we'll talk more about layering in the fall!

Style Advice From A 7-Year-Old Fashionista on #NothingShortOfChic

On Shoes:

"Ballet flats go with everything. So do the ones with the buckle over your foot [Mary Janes]. But special occasion shoes should only be for special occasions because otherwise you might ruin them."

Ballet flats do go with everything, and they're a much more comfortable alternative to their high-heeled cousins. Mary Janes are quite stylish and are actually rather on-trend at the moment as well, so why not take a cue from your childhood and pick a somewhat more modern version for your current self? And good point, KQ - it might be best to save your bridesmaid shoes for the ceremony, rather than test-driving them grocery shopping or something.


I know these quotes might seem a little strict, but keep in mind, this is advice from a seven-year-old. I think she gives some pretty great advice, considering! What did you think of her tips and her fantastic outfits (she styled herself!)?

            Love KQ

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