Nothing Short of Chic: TiZKKA: A Fashion Lover's Platform


TiZKKA: A Fashion Lover's Platform

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic 
A great new fashion app.

Welcome back! I know I've taken an (unintended) hiatus from blogging but I'm back and better than ever to tell you about a really cool fashion app, an essential for any social-media-loving fashionista (or fashionisto) with an i-device (it's available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). Let me tell you why you'll love it!

TiZKKA, a platform to share your style, get advice and inspiration, and inspire others. You can follow users, and other users may follow you back. If you have a look you're not sure about, or a new purchase that you don't know how to style, simply snap a picture, tagging the fashion professional of your choice and writing a comment before posting. There is a group of fashion professionals, including stylists, designers, bloggers, and more that use the app to inspire and advise. The more you post, the more points you get, elevating you from beginner level to expert.

The app is for those of us who live in images, in an Instagram-meets-Lookbook kind of way. Within minutes of posting, the fashion professionals you've tagged will respond with the advice you need - it's like having a whole fleet of personal stylists, for free, on your phone (or iPod or iPad)! Also, if you just need inspiration, search hashtags relevant to your event (or just browse the Explore section, which is similar to Instagram's popular feature).

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic 

With a clean, modern aesthetic and purple accents (the color is just a hint lighter than NSOC's signature shade!), the app is fun, useful, and chic, all at once.

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic 

In the Runway section of the app, you'll find the top looks for the day, week, and month, as well as recommendations for users to follow.

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic 

As a fashion blogger, and one of the professionals on the app, you can tag me in your looks for style advice!

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic 

You can choose pre-existing photos, or you can snap pictures from the built-in camera.

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic 

Follow other users, then browse your feed for tons of inspiration.

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic 

I used TiZKKA so much I wore my battery right down! Here I'm browsing the Explore section, where, similar to Instagram, it shows you looks and users you might enjoy, based on the people you follow and the looks you've already liked.

TiZKKA: The App For Fashion Lovers #NothingShortOfChic
Photography by Aiden Cleland-Hura Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Aldo (Thrifted) | Earrings: Thrifted

If (when) you download TiZKKA, let me know what you think! Make sure you check out their website as well - can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!!

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