Nothing Short of Chic: June 2015


Personal Style: Graphite And Graphics

Reinventing the classic pencil skirt.

Hey! Greetings!! I know it's been a while since I posted, longer than I meant, but I finally have this new post for you - I've also been posting on NSOC En Route and I'm writing a super cool post for it that covers my entire five weeks of mega travel, so make sure you've liked NSOC's Facebook page and are following me on Instagram so that you know when I've finished that and it's live! Anyway, today I'm showing an easy (and, naturally, chic) way of wearing your pencil skirt off-duty without looking like you came straight from the office!


Big Tips For Small Space Organization

Learn to love your space, no matter the size.

Hey everyone! As you probably know from my Instagram and from NSOCEnRoute, as well as from the various posts explaining my current situation, I've been en route for over two months. Before that, I lived in a small apartment with a miniature closet. In the past two months, I've kept my clothes in a single drawer, in hotel closets, in tiny wardrobes (one was the size of a nightstand), or simply in my suitcase.