Nothing Short of Chic: Celebration Time: NSOC Has Been Awarded!


Celebration Time: NSOC Has Been Awarded!

A great milestone in this blogging trip of mine: NSOC has received the Liebster Award! | Nothing Short Of Chic

Good morning darlings! Have you heard of the Liebster Award? Probably not, but that's okay, because I'm about to explain it. But what really matters is: Nothing Short Of Chic has received it! Thank you to Leah Godfrey of The Yellow Lemons for my nomination!

In a nutshell, the Liebster Award ("liebster" means "loved" in German) is a form of blog discovery. It's for bloggers, nominated by bloggers. The Liebster is typically awarded to new blogs (under two years) of high caliber with less than 500 followers on their top social media channel (less than 1K unique hits on the blog proper per month). My numbers have increased substantially since NSOC was nominated (confusing, I know, "nominated" and "awarded" are the same for the Liebster), which was back in December, but I still have a relatively small following.

Now for the rules. There are a few different versions floating through the blogosphere so I'll just outline what I feel is the most reasonable set:

1. Write a post on your blog announcing your nomination and including all of the following; be sure to add a section on what the Liebster Award is. 

2. Thank the person who nominated you and mentioned a link back to their blog.

3. Find 11 new or upcoming bloggers (these can include anything from your boyfriend's style blog to your coworker's food blog or your friend's travel blog - shamelessly promote your acquaintances all you want).

4. Make sure you provide these rules (or something similar).

5. Answer my questions below.

6. Give them 11 questions to answer (they don't have to be about blogging!).

7. Once you have done your post, go to the Liebster Awards site (here) and leave your blog post link in the comments. This isn't mandatory, but why pass up a chance for a backlink?

And my 11 fabulous nominees:

1. My friend Camilla Damsgaard of Out Of Style (fashion):

2. The lovely Brittney Guise of Ever So Britty (lifestyle):

3. Carrie Wisehart of Carrie Wisehart (lifestyle):

4. Sara Wadud of inspirational namesake blog Sara Wadud (lifestyle):

5. Shatakshi "Aki" Khaitan of my current favorite DIY blog, Aki 1 AM (DIY):

6. Ceasarae Stater of The Caffeine Mom (parenting):

7. Erica Fladell of the witty and truthful Old Single Bitter & Drunk (dating):

8. Chelsea Blackwell of adorable lifestyle blog The Reel Chelsea (lifestyle):

9. Kim Martin of Cultivate Simple Life (lifestyle):

10. Katy Koop of pluckily written, pluckily named Stay Plucky (writing):

11. Jannine Pampu of Happy Stylish Fit (lifestyle):

A great milestone in this blogging trip of mine: NSOC has received the Liebster Award! | Nothing Short Of Chic

And, the questions Leah gave me to answer:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
 I've know I wanted to be a fashion designer for a long time, but I had no way to start doing so. After a solid three months of watching YouTube videos and wishing I could start a channel, I realized I could combine my love of clothes with my growing interests in styling, photography, and writing (as well as HTML) to create a fashion blog. So I did.
2. How did you come up with your blog name?
 It was originally called The Fashioniki, reaching way back to the first three months of terrible photos and a very purple site. But I outgrew it very quickly and renamed it to suit both my personality and my fashion sensibility: elegant, grown-up, yet slightly whimsical, and also slightly French. It also has a nice ring to it, non?
3. What do you love about blogging?
 Oh, there are so many things. I love the entirety of it: the creative freedom, the writing, the photography, the styling, and the connections I can make with both my readers and other brands and bloggers.
4. What do you not love about blogging? (With honesty.)
 I'd have to say the stereotypes and the stigma surrounding what has become an industry (though for me it still is, and probably always will be, a hobby). The froufy, designer-obsessed girl with the photographer boyfriend and filthy-rich parents couldn't be further from who I am or what I strive to create. I hate that people expect my most important thoughts to be the new Target collaboration or the latest haute couture show. Yes, I care about those things, but I have a life outside of that world. Those stereotypes are just so outdated and so inconsiderate.
5. What inspires and motivates you to keep on blogging?
 Certainly not engagement! I have next to nothing when it comes to readership, but I adore producing content. I also have learned so much about everything from business emails to pitching projects to coding in the past 21 months (nearly two years now!) and invested so much time, effort, and care into blogging that I couldn't possibly give up this passion project.
6. What advice would you give to others wanting to start a blog?
 Know why you want to blog. For the money? Don't do it. You won't earn a single cent for the first five years (unless your contacts list is legendary). Then, find yourself a niche based on what you care about. Start with a free hosting platform like Blogger to make sure you really want to blog before you invest too much. And don't be too hard on yourself. You really won't become successful overnight – it will take years.
7. What are your top four favorite blogs?
 Gary Pepper Girl, for the photography, outfits, and wanderlust. Man Repeller, for the excellent writing and wit. Von Vogue, a fellow Vancouver blog, for the amazing imagery and stellar styling. And Oh She Glows, for the delectable (and often vegan!) recipes.
8. What camera and lens do you use for blogging?
 A basic, basic Canon DSLR and the lens that came with it. My dream lens, however, is a bulky (and incredibly expensive!) F0.8.
9. What would you like people to gain from your blog?
 A multitude of things, but mainly these three: confidence in yourself; inspiration (mainly in terms of outfits); and a good vocabulary and understanding of grammar.
10. Tells us something interesting about yourself?
 I was born to travel, and I love to learn, so naturally I'm always trying to learn new languages. I speak French fluently and can understand German and Italian, but there are many more on my list to learn: Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Gaelic, and several others.
11. What can we expect from your blog in the coming months?
Good question. Videos. Collaborations, hopefully. Travel. And many, many more outfit photos.

A great milestone in this blogging trip of mine: NSOC has received the Liebster Award! | Nothing Short Of Chic

And finally, my questions for my 11 nominees:

1. Where do you live and where is your dream destination (either to live or to travel to)?

2. What made you start your blog?

3. Who are your top style icons?

4. What are your dreams for your blog?

5. If you had all the money in the world, what would your first purchase be?

6. Who is a lesser-known blogger you think deserves to make it mega-big?

7. What are three of your favorite bands or artists to listen to?

8. How long have you been blogging for? Do you have any long-term plans for your blog?

9. What is your most essential piece of technology when it comes to blogging? Your favorite app?

10. What is one non-work, non-blog hobby or passion of yours?

11. Lastly, do you read other blogs in your niche? If so, what is your favorite/top two?

Congratulations to my nominees – your blogs are just great and I've added them all to my virtual blogroll. To my readers, I hope you find a few new blogs to follow – that is, after all, the goal of the Liebster!!

Much love,


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! I can't wait to check out all of the other blogs!

    1. Well deserved, Jannine! I hope you like all the nominees - every single blog here is just fabulous. xx