Nothing Short of Chic: May 2016


Happy Birthday NSOC! 2nd "Blogiversary," Or, Blog Anniversary

A 1920's-inspired outfit to help me celebrate Nothing Short Of Chic's second launch anniversary! | Nothing Short Of Chic

It's Nothing Short Of Chic's birthday!! I can't believe it! I feel so happy, so fortunate, and so overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you, my readers, followers, and supporters, for keeping me going – I love you! Today is the second anniversary of the launch of this blog and its first post! Today, I took some pictures with my wonderful friend Elena to celebrate, and I also have some quotes from some of my lovely readers and friends. Your support and love is so precious to me!


The Black Ruffled Skirt: Day to Night ft Astrid F.

Ever wonder how to take an outfit from day to night? Here's how, featuring a ruffled lace skirt. | Nothing Short Of ChicEver wonder how to take an outfit from day to night? Here's how, featuring a ruffled lace skirt. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Transition from day to night with a chic, unique skirt.

The idea for this post came when Astrid F., the hilarious, unpredictable, Beatles-loving, horse-back-riding actress who also happens to be my best friend and cousin, told me about this skirt she had sitting in the back of her closet, unworn and shunned. "It was for a Hallowe'en costume," she told me, referencing the pirate outfit she sported last year. "I've never worn it since." So I decided to help her out a little and style it two ways – day and night – for her (even though she didn't ask for, and probably didn't want, my advice). Believe it or not, this is an item several of my friends own (and never wear), so hopefully, this helps several people. 


The Beautiful Ones You Always Seem To Lose O(+>

Although his time was cut short, I am so grateful that Prince was able to bestow himself upon us. Illustrated by Annika Jordan. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Illustration by Annika Cleland-Hura

Sad as I am for the sudden ending of his reign, I will be forever grateful for Prince.

Prince and his music have always been in my life, for as long as I can remember, and before that. My father has been a huge fan (“friend”) since college, and my mother has listened to his songs for even longer, since the age of 13 or so. As a child, I sang along to “Raspberry Beret” and “Little Red Corvette” – which I actually wanted to sing for my talent show in grade 3, but my father, thankfully, convinced me not to – don’t worry, I legitimately thought the lyrics were written about a car and a hat. I even saw him in concert once, an experience I’d expected would be available to repeat in the future when I had more money (after all, he was only in his early 50s when I saw him). Though I was absolutely thrilled at the time, I am now beyond grateful that I got that chance – the chance to see a musical genius and fireball of raw energy and passion perform his creations live.
I started being a fan in my own right around 11 or 12. My father and I would play “Name That Tune” or quiz each other on lyrics (we still do, as a matter of fact). I could quote lines from Purple Rain and Under The Cherry Moon before watching them. I’ve seen every YouTube-accessible interview, and I enjoy watching tribute bands such as Purple Reign and PrinceSS. When I discovered that the Beautiful One “owns” the color purple – my all-time favourite color, specifically the Prince-beloved eggplant shade – that sealed the deal: The Artist became my favorite artist. It was meant to be.

Then, when I discovered the world of fashion, and fell in love with it, this man – who already represented the ideal for me as a musician and a dancer – began to inspire me in another, well, fashion. His enviable shoe collection, his bedazzled canes, his monochrome satin suits, and his glitter hair secured his position as best-dressed man ever in my mind; but he also made me realize how much fashion (and makeup) is an expression of who we are. This is something that is still really important to me today.

When I learned of the Purple One’s passing, I was in disbelief, then shock, then anger. 57 is much too young to die, and the fact that he looked half his age makes his death all the more unfathomable. I listened to his music on repeat for a full week, breaking down when “The Beautiful Ones” – my favorite – came on while driving home. He touched so many people, and I am so thankful to be one of them.

See you in the Afterworld, sir. Thank you.