Nothing Short of Chic: 2017


Personal Style: Springing For All-Black

All-black is the perfect neutral look for posing in front of insanely colorful walls. | Nothing Short Of Chic
"Women who wear black lead colorful lives."

There's no denying that black is a magical color (value, you know what I mean). It exists everywhere, and is, arguably, the most powerful neutral. It's the result when you combine equal amounts of pure primary colours. You could reach, blindfolded, into a bin of black garments and end up with a perfectly cohesive ensemble. It flatters most skin tones and is elegant, slimming, lengthening, and sophisticated. 


Personal Style: Pin-Up Polka Dots

Polka dots and retro sunglasses mixed with denim add up to a modern, casual outfit with a touch of pin-up glamour. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Polka dots, denim, and red accessories give a bit of a retro touch to the most modern of outfits.

Pin-up style – the classic, glamorous fashion, not the raunchy stuff creepy guys have stuck to their walls – is a huge influence on my personal taste. I love how it's both flattering and flirty, which means you look elegant and put-together but you also get to have a bit of fun with your clothes. Today, Who What Wear put out their spring 30-day outfit challenge for this year and the first task was to add sophistication to casual denim with polished accessories. I instantly thought of my trusty denim jacket and these fabulous cat-eye sunglasses, and bam, my outfit of the day was chosen for me. The retro shape of the glasses plus the fun polka-dot print and the denim give this casual outfit a bit of pin-up flair while still being plenty modest and modern.


Personal Style: Spring Spots (From The Archives)

From the NSOC archives (previously unpublished), a transition-weather outfit that is chic, classy, and fun. | Nothing Short Of Chic
An unpublished series of outfit photographs from last summer that is, in spring, relevant again.

I never published these photos. I remember styling, finding a location, doing my makeup, and shooting the images last September, but somehow (probably a distraction from some more important assignment) they never made it to "print," in a sense. (You can tell it's an old shoot because I still had long enough hair to wear a chignon here.) When going through my photographs from Copenhagen and simultaneously organizing my library, I rediscovered this shoot and thought, September and April have similar weather, and this feels like a spring outfit. 


Personal Style: Windy København & Midi Skirt

An elegant layered look that only looks better when the gales of April attempt to wreak havoc. | Nothing Short Of Chic

Why not take advantage of a windy day and look like you've just stepped out of a magazine shoot?

Copenhagen is lovely, but it can sure get windy here! Usually when faced with wind I opt for pants (less stressful) but with the longer length of this skirt plus the tights and coat, I felt I was safe enough to go pants-less. This coat/skirt combination is one that I've sported many iterations of (including this one) – I was originally inspired by this Vogue image to try it out and I fell in love. And now, every time a gust of wind comes, I feel super chic instead of annoyed. (Another bonus of short hair is that the wind only makes it cooler.)


Personal Style: Copenhagen Layers

Transitional dressing is a breeze with plenty of layers and chic, classic silhouettes and prints. | Nothing Short Of Chic

Layering for transitional weather can be easier said than done; but it can also be done easily.

Ah, spring – that beautiful time of year when flowers are blooming, rivers are rushing... and the weather changes. All. The. Time. When it could be sunny and warm and 18°C, and then half an hour later, turn to pouring, chilling rain. I, for one, love this time of year – it's so interesting. It has character. But getting dressed also requires just a little more effort, to plan and prepare for any temperature and temperament of weather the day might throw at you. Transitional dressing, we call it. My outfit today is just one example.


Personal Style: The Perfect Travel Outfit

A breakdown of the perfect travel outfit: equal parts cozy, practical, and chic. | Nothing Short Of Chic

The perfect travel outfit to get through security, three airports, and eleven hours of flight time (including one 9-hour over-nighter).

I adore travel, and luckily I've had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, especially in Europe. This means that I am fairly seasoned (or at least I like to think so) when it comes to things like packing and airport security – and, of course, travel outfits. I've been on airplanes (and trains and boats) many times, and have had many chances to hone my recipe for the perfect ensemble. A good airport outfit needs, firstly, to be comfortable. It needs to be simple. It needs to be layered, to account for changing temperatures in various airports and airplane cabins. It needs to be easy to move around in, especially in small spaces. So this is my favorite travel outfit – a combination of all of these elements.


Why Can't Everyone Just Be Nice?

Love trumps hate, and kindness will win out because it takes courage and strength. Stand up against bullying every day, not just February 22. | Nothing Short Of Chic

Today, February 22, is Pink Shirt Day, in support of the movement to stop bullying & of victims of oppression, harassment, and torment.

Everyone runs into bullying in some way, shape, or form in their lives. From name-calling on the playground to subtle insults in the office, it can live anywhere and in many different magnitudes. But is always hurtful (sometimes abusive) and unnecessary. Almost everyone is on the receiving end of bullying at some point or other, even the bullies themselves. So why why why does it even exist?


Personal Style: Retro Snow Day

Polka dots and faux fur in the snow – there is nothing more fun than a snowy photoshoot! | Nothing Short Of Chic
Not the best outfit to take on the snow – but awfully cute nonetheless. Also, snow!

I was so happy with my cute, retro-with-a-modern-twist outfit yesterday – until it started to snow. And snow... So I ended up stuck in town with no way of getting home, with my duffel bag of  costumes for the musical, for which rehearsal was cancelled because of the weather. And, of course, an outfit not meant for trudging around in the snow (at least I had my cozy faux-fur coat!). So I did the only logical thing – a photoshoot! (Don't judge me too harshly – snow is a rarity here so I always take advantage of photographing it whenever I can.)


Personal Style: Jeans & Red Accents

How to wear jeans, with polish and elegance and a few pops of color. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Yes, I wore jeans – and here's my secret to incorporating them into an elevated, sophisticated outfit. 

I don't wear jeans. Wait – hear me out. I have nothing against jeans, per se, I just find them uncomfortable, and often too casual for my style, although when I'm styling others I will very often implement them as part of a look. (Side note: the one exception to my no-jeans wardrobe is a pair of high-waist, dark-wash, flared-leg pants that give a kind of sailor-chic look, and a stiff pair for working outside – chopping wood, raking, moving rocks, etc.)

So why did I wear them on this particular day? A week or so ago, a friend of mine asked if I ever wear jeans, after I showed up dressed in a printed skirt, blazer, and heeled boots. And I took that as a challenge. So the next time I knew I'd be seeing him, I borrowed a pair of my mother's jeans and styled them to fit my style. So, here's the look, in a few high-contrast iPhone photos (credits to my little brother for these).


8 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands That Are Actually Really Chic

8 eco-friendly, wallet-friendly fashion brands that are both sustainable and really, really chic. | Nothing Short Of Chic

I wrote this article a few months ago after an inspiring #FashionUnfold discussion about eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, hoping to get it published on the Huffington Post or something similar. But before I even submitted it, HuffPo went through some changes and was no longer the right fit for me. I never did find another publication to submit it to, and since I couldn't bear to have it completely unpublished, I'm posting it here! Feel free to recommend publications that I can submit to in the future, it would be much appreciated. Click through the slides to see all of the fantastic sustainable, eco-conscious brands I dug up in my research.


Personal Style: Cobalt, Red, & Classic Stripes

Primary colors, bold stripes, and retro accessories make for a chic, classy outfit that's eye-catching, colorful, and fresh. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Primary colors, bold stripes, and retro accessories make for a chic, classy outfit that's eye-catching and fresh. 

I had a realization today: I hadn't posted since last year. Which, technically, was only ten days ago, but even so, the holidays and the start-up of work, etc., means I haven't posted in awhile. So I enlisted the help of my brother to shoot some cool, dynamic, dramatic photographs of this colorful, many-layered outfit, intended to showcase my fabulous new sunglasses. I got them as a Christmas present, and nearly all of my outfits since receiving them have been centred around them. Perhaps I'll post a couple others in the coming weeks – though I'm sure you'll see a lot of these glasses regardless.