Nothing Short of Chic: May 2017


Personal Style: Basic, Chic, & Travel-Friendly

A simple but chic outfit formula perfect for travel that is both super flattering and easy to accessorize. | Nothing Short Of Chic
A comfortable, simple, and easy-to-accessorize outfit perfect for many occasions.

Now that I've been traveling for more than two months out of the same single suitcase, I'm getting to the point (which always comes about on these long trips) where I just about hate everything in my capsule closet. It's not because of bad packing or because the clothing is actually a problem – it's what I'll call wardrobe ennui. When I'm traveling, I bring along the sensible trousers, the grey sweaters, and the black boots that go with everything, but I miss the spiked heels and fuzzy green hats that I have to leave at home.