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About NSOC

My name is Annika, or Niki for short. This blog, Nothing Short Of Chic, documents my personal style (and, more often than not, my personal opinions). Through this blog, I hope to provide inspiration for people whose style matches my own: a sophisticated and elevated aesthetic with eclectic accessories that have substance and history, a love of vintage, and an appreciation of cutting-edge styles. I also strive to connect with others who want an alternative approach to fashion – reuse of garments, clever layering, trends with a twist, and less emphasis on celebrity and designer (and more on quality). These things make up the backbone of NSOC, along with styling tips, anecdotes, personal essays, and travel writing & photography.

My style is difficult to describe, but it comes down to this: elegance and quality. I love vintage and vintage-inspired garments and outfits, and often shop at thrift stores, with secondhand or vintage pieces making up over 90% of my wardrobe. Classic, timeless silhouettes and patterns fill my closet, but they often have a fashion-forward or unique twist, like a sheer panel, low back, or pop of color. I love to dress up in fancy gowns and unique, avant-garde accessories, so you may see some of these ensembles popping up here and there.

As a vegan living quite literally in the middle of the woods, sustainable and ecological fashion is extremely important to me. On top of recycling garments by thrift shopping and wearing vintage items, I often create my own pieces. Brands who are eco-conscious or eco-friendly interest me greatly, as do those who are vegan (faux leather, suede, shearling, fur, pearls, etc.). Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating or in simply forming a connection.

I am a stylist, a designer, and a writer; as an amateur, a designer & costumer, photographer, artist, and musician (classical violin, if you’re curious). On Nothing Short Of Chic, I tend to showcase my writing, styling, and photographic work, though occasionally I post illustrations. If traveling the world counts as a passion, it is one of my myriad loves, as seen on NSOCEnRoute; though I always return to the Sunshine Coast (or Vancouver), BC, on the Pacific coast of Canada – an incredible place I’m so grateful to call home.

I love to meet with and collaborate on posts and projects with brands and other bloggers, provided they allow me to express my own opinion. Please email me at:

Photographs are credited to the photographer at the end of each post.

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